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About Wisdom 4 Life Coaching

Talk Show Guest:  Jason Ayers discussing the 4 step Wisdom 4 Life Coaching 's approach to discovering the Power of Purpose.
JASON AYERS, Founder & Curriculum Director
Jason Ayers is the founder and curriculum director for Wisdom 4 Life Coaching, LLC. Jason is a talented coach & professor. A sampling of his client list includes single parent households, pastors, deacons, city, state and federal law enforcement officers, elected government officials, media personalities, business owners, and a family household that probably looks very similar to yours.   

Jason is a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor and a 48 days Career Approved Coach. Jason is devoted to helping his clients develop the art of seeing the untapped potential in their circumstances and providing them with a clear set of possibilities and options for moving forward.  Jason loves to coach his clients to gain the Wisdom needed to apply Hope & Vision to their daily lives.
Jason will work diligently to help you see the power of purpose in the 4 key areas of your life: your money, your vocation, your relationships, and your faith. 
Jason grounds his approach to coaching in his ability to see hidden opportunities and his strong belief that there is undiscovered potential in each of us. With his experience, Jason has the essential ability to understand your given situation from multiple viewpoints. His analytical approach brings forth an identified set of possibilities and opportunities for each of his clients.
When Jason is not coaching, he enjoys training and participating in endurance sports. Jason has biked across the San Juan mountain range from Telluride, Colorado to Moab, Utah in just six days, and hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back to the rim in time to enjoy lunch with friends the next day. Jason is currently training to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
Jason lives with his wife Kathy in Parkville, Missouri.
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Dave Ramsey, Chris Stigall, and Jason Ayers together at a Live Event

Kathy Ayers, Vice President of Operations & Lead Women's Coach
KATHY AYERS, Lead Women's Coach & Vice President of Operations

Kathy Ayers is the Vice President of Operations. She is a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor & a registered architect and our Head Coach for single women here at Wisdom 4 Life Coaching.

Kathy’s compassionate heart is evident in her detailed approach to the needs of her clients. She is committed to helping her clients develop their VISION for their lives, by revealing the hope in their current circumstances, and providing them with options and possibilities so they can obtain their goals. Her experience has given her the ability to understand and evaluate your situation from various points of view. She is articulate in her coaching approach and is able to bring forth an identified set of possibilities and opportunities for her clients to pursue. She will carefully work to help you see HOPE in your situation and compassionately enable you to achieve your goals. In the end, she desires your coaching session to be the foundation for you to achieve excellence in your daily life.

When she is not coaching she enjoys planning and hosting events at the Ayers home for family and friends.  Kathy is currently training to conquer the Hospital Hill run and an up coming triathlon.

DARLENE FALTER, Client Care Director

Darlene Falter is the Director of Client Care. Darlene’s personable approach & warm heart made her a natural fit for Wisdom 4 Life Coaching. Darlene’s many tasks include making sure that you are well taken care of and that your questions & needs are addressed & met in a timely fashion.

Dave Ramsey with Jason & Kathy Ayers, founders of
Wisdom 4 Life Coaching, LLC.